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© 2019 by Marisol Rubio for California State Senate District 7 2020 | FPPC #1418831



With my political passion beginning in the medical and healthcare field, I understand the importance of ensuring that everyone has the right to health care. Preventative care is critical to saving money on health care, preventing losses in worker productivity, and ensuring better mental health wellness. I support guaranteed health care for every Californian, which would save us billions of dollars annually, while making sure everyone receives the care they need, when they need it, without going bankrupt or risk being turned away. No one should have to decide between their basic needs and access to health care and their lifesaving medications.

Money in Politics

A majority of Americans, from all political ideologies, support guaranteed healthcare, tuition-free college, the Green New Deal, and stricter requirements on purchasing and owning guns. However, to get any of this done, we must first purge our political system of it's main foe: Big Money. More candidates than ever are refusing corporate cash and Super PAC payouts because we have worked so hard to make our voices and concerns heard. It's time to eliminate these conflicts of interests and ultimately move to public financing of elections. I'm proud to only accept individual contributions and reject special interest contributions.


Education provides an opportunity for every person to achieve success through knowledge and discipline. It is vital to the future of our country, our economic success, our social success, and our global reputation. When this country was investing in education, we were the world leaders in medicine, the arts, technology, and academia. Our public schools are woefully underfunded and our students, teachers, and support staff are suffering from inadequate facilities, large class sizes and low wages. The state has to step in and fill the funding gap to make sure each student is receiving an adequate and equal education so they can become successful leaders of the next generation.

Our Environment

Even after passing the landmark environmental legislation, SB100, we are still tragically behind on combating the climate crisis. California is one of the world's largest oil producers and largest food providers, yet we put our crops at risk every day with our environmental policies. We need to end fracking and begin putting our resources into renewable energy and preventative measures to combat the future effects of our climate problems. California is a leader in the energy transition, but when you sit down and look at the facts about where are state really is, you discover that once again, we can be doing more.


No human should be discriminated against because of who they are. I have always, and will always, fight for every person to have equal rights to jobs, housing, education, medical care, criminal and civil justice, safety, and privacy.